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Famous Photographer Research Project

In photography, it is important to know the artists that have helped direct the evolution of the medium. This project is to acquaint you with famous photographers and their work, as well as to familiarize you with research methods. It will consist of three parts: a paper, a mini portfolio, and a presentation.


The library subscribes to EasyBib so that all students and faculty can have access to its Pro features. When you register for EasyBib, use the coupon code "ethelwalker" to receive a pro account. Always log into EasyBib using your EWS Google account. This will ensure that you keep all your citations. 

We use MLA citation style at Ethel Walker.

For help using EasyBib or with MLA in general, visit our EasyBib page, ask Ms. Ludwig, or consider stopping by the Writing Center.

Library Catalog

Recommended Books in the Library

The following titles are some of our photography books. As you can see, they are all in the 779 section. Browse in that area for more. In addition, search the library catalog for your specific photographer.